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Romantic Flowers for Valentine’s Day

With the aura of love and togetherness that comes with Valentine’s Day, it is a day that many people embrace. Around 73% of people celebrate Valentine’s Day across the globe, so it’s no news that flowers quickly go out of stock because everyone jumps at the chance to wish their loved ones. Given this, with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, look at our blooms that are beautiful with meaningful messages in each.

Think Outside the Vase with our Valentine’s Day Flowers

Exquisite arrangement of ravishing 114 Ravishing Red Roses
Ensuring that your loved one will be overwhelmed with this exquisite arrangement of Ravishing Red Roses.


Red Roses might seem like a cliché, but throughout history, they’ve symbolized love which firmly cements their status as the romantic flower of choice. In Roman and Greek mythologies or in Victorian times, the red blooms were always associated with love, romance, and passion.

With all this romantic history, they simply can’t be misinterpreted. Being a timeless, classic Valentine’s gift, a bouquet of velvety red roses is the perfect bloom to say, ‘I Love You’.

Other Color Roses

Apart from Red, the other colors in Roses convey the message perfectly in all their elegance.

The White Rose represents unity, virtue, purity, and the new beginnings of love. Being commonly used as a Bridal flower, it is also a more understated way to express your love for someone special.

Yellow and Pink roses scream friendship and admiration, so they’re a great choice to express your gratitude for many years of love and support or long-lasting admiration


More well known as the herald of Spring, Tulips symbolize love and affection on a memorable note. Elegant, beautiful, and multi-colored, they have one of the most deeply romantic meanings, as they signify perfect and undying love. Red tulips are most closely associated with romance, but other tulip colors like Pink conveys happiness and affection, yellow represents joy and cheer, with the striking purple linked to nobility and elegance.

But if you want to go outside the box with tulips, then fringed tulips will charm your sweetheart with their dazzling petals.


While Orchids mean luxury, refinement, thoughtfulness, and charm, they’re the perfect bloom to celebrate all of life’s precious moments. With a wide array of colors to choose from, the orchid is nothing short of special.

The orchids like the moth, vanda, and cymbidium are the perfect gift for the season because they’re beautiful, elegant, and long-lasting. These elegant blooms add an unusual twist to Valentine’s bouquets, making them the perfect one to celebrate unique love.


Lisianthus seems like quite an underrated flower, but hands down to the most romantic blooms out there. With petals forming an oval, funnel-like shape, they come into their own when they bloom. With a variety of colors, they add charm to any arrangement and are perfect for any love-filled occasion.

Prepare yourself for ecstasy, by choosing a bouquet of lisianthus, that symbolizes lifelong love.


With a cool name, Ranunculus is part of the buttercup family and has lovely cup-shaped blooms filled with ruffles. They are like a rose’s mysterious cousin, and so if you plan to take a break from ordering roses, but not stray too far outside the bloom, then Ranunculus are a perfect choice. Pink Ranunculus charms you any day which connects love and passion, along with the emotion behind the choice.


With layers of delicate and fluffy petals, Peonies signify romance and elegance fitting right in with Valentine’s Day. They’ll make a lovely surprise conveying love and hope for a long time.


As big as your love, Lilies blooms and opens into large, trumpet-shaped flowers. The meaning of lilies varies by type and color. The stargazer lilies scream cheerfulness while the vase-shaped calla lilies carry a range of meanings including faithfulness, charm, and appreciation.

Lilies are a great way to express your love, and nothing can go wrong with these beautifully layered petals.

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Alluring Beauty the serene beauties of stargazer
Crafted as a soothing present for special occasions.